We take your vision and turn it into reality. Our fully integrated process achieves your vision through five clear steps:


Locating and contracting on multiple land sites based on the charter districts’ criteria.

Purchase of the final approved site based on the best combination of location, price and suitability for school development.


Involving the charter school closely in the design and multiple budgeting stages through a building component pricing system unique to the industry is designed to significantly reduce overall campus cost.


Comprehensive representation for all applicable zoning, platting, site plan approval, traffic impact analysis, HOA, private covenants, building permits and related building code requirements.

Constantly maintaining the multi-phased cost budgets with building component selections to keep total project cost on track and prevent cost overruns.


We are a full service, general construction company and can either build your campus for your ownership or will build your campus on a lease with purchase option.


Together with your charter staff and innovative programming, the Heritage team will design state of the art, school interiors intended to provide highly functional and safe student/staff work environments.

The full range of safety options include but are not limited to fever detection cameras, abundant open spaces, workstation partitions, spacious classrooms, touch free sanitation facilities, nighttime classroom sterilization UV lights and more.

Low Cost
High Quality
Fast Delivery

Our process begins with the school finance staff, loan representatives, our cost estimators, sub contractors, architects and engineers working closely to fully understand the schools desired parameters. We use an interactive process designed to keep everyone on track throughout the entire design and financing stages. This is intended to prevent the potential of a financial disconnect in which the total project costs greatly exceed the original budgets after plans are complete and general contractor bids are obtained.

Because our background is constructing buildings that we own, our approach is far more aligned with the charter districts’ point of view as opposed to a typical general contractor. As an owner with the liability of paying the loan back vs. the build it and move on mentality, we are committed to maximizing the optimal balance of cost, quality and scheduling.

Our system is appreciated by charter financial staff that have experienced projects that spin out of control and greatly exceed original budgets. If for example, our total project fee is 8% of cost, we work closely with the school to understand, design, and reduce the remaining 92% of the project. Our goal is to lower costs more than the fees we earn to construct the building. We take great pleasure in lowering campus costs through this unique comprehensive budgeting system. It’s fun, honest, transparent and intended to build long term, impactful relationships, mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

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